Create CMS signature

1. Select the CMS type of the signature which is according to draft ETSI TS 102 918 

2. Select the location of your key

3. Open the location of your key and enter PIN or password

4. Select your certificate which is connected with your key

5. Add files which you want to sign to the list. In case you need to delete the file, press Del to remove the record from the list or view the files which are collected for signing pressing the button View.

Select ZEP format if the format of the signature must be according to the NSA standards:

Approved Formats in the Slovak NSA

If the mime type is not correct, double click on the item mimetype and enter the correct mime type. 

1. If the signature must contain the signature policy, tick the Signature policy and the default signature policy shall be used.

2. If you have own ASN.1 signature policy, push the button ... and select the file *.der with the signature policy.

3. Finally push the button Sign to create the signature.

1. You can copy the created signature to  another directory or device location.

2. You can view the content of the container which contains the signature and signed files.

3. You can delete the signature file e.g. after creation of the copy following the step 1.


Export of signed documents from EML (ZEP) or ZIP (ASiC-S) package.